Life on the Estate

Takinhaymaking.jpgg a break during the Summer’s haymaking. The small bales turned out to be excellent quality, sweet flavoured and full of clover.


poultry.jpgDucks, chickens  and geese spend all their days outside in the paddock, safe from the fox. At night they can choose whether they want to sleep under cover or outside in the hedgerow.




The orchard was planted out 3 years ago and this year looks like a good crop of apples, pears, plums, damsons and cob nuts.  Rows of red raspberry canes and an unusual but great tasting variety of yellow raspberry flourishes here.


peaches.jpgThe peach trees  planted in the lean-to greenhouse are flourishing  Most of the plants, tree saplings, fruits and flowers are started off here in the “nursery”.  It is south facing and heated against the chill of winter. Tomatoes and cucumbers are also very successfull.


 sheep.jpgOver 150 sheep graze the sweet Estate grasslands.  Spring lambs arrive in late March and early April. Welsh lamb raised in the Carmarthenshire hills is the most delicious you will taste the world over.


polytunnel.jpgFruit and vegetables are grown in the large polytunnel, including very early new potatoes, beans, strawberries, peaches, a grapevine, olives, some excellent rhubarb, kiiwi plants and a giant Mulerry bush.




vegetables.jpgThe kitchen garden is prolific.  Cauliflower, runner beans,sweetcorn, cabbage, lettuce, potatoes and strawberries.