Security & Wake up


Born in 2009 from a long line of Welsh ancestry, Dug’s mother was a Welsh sheep dog champion; however his father is unknown and has never been traced so he was brought up in a single parent enviroment without his fathers influence or any income support; this deprived start to his life is, we believe, the reason he is always ready to consume any food lying around.

Dug, when in residence, is in charge of security and organising your initial welcome. Dug the Dog gained this top position because of his sometimes quick reaction to anything that moves – run out and bark first and then greet nicely after.

Dug the Dog is harmless and unfortunately can seem a bit simple; although he was definitely not the first in line when it came to handing out the brains he makes up for this by being gentle and lovable.

On occasions you may see Dug take off in hot pursuit of a mostly non-existent emergency but then he tends to leave sorting the problem out to others as after an initial assessment he would rather go back and lie around in the courtyard.

A conundrum of who is looking at who

Below is Dug with his funny face wondering who is out there



The Cockerell is up and about early most morning so no excuse not to enjoy Bwlchtrebanau to the full. He plays an active part keeping all his girls in order and making sure they are all in bed early ready for a another full day.

When he is proudly escorting his girls around, he thinks he is the most handsome and lucky chap in Carmarthenshire